What should I  expect as a part of the immersive experience?

An exquisite dining experience with pairings


Our acclaimed chef Melissa Araujo will prepare a six course gourmet meal with delicious ingredients relevant to 18th century New Orleans for the 20 special guests.  Each course will be served with a skillfully chosen wine or cocktail selected by our sommelier and will be tailored to the dietary needs of the diner.

Interactive storytelling

Guests will be immersed in the story of the prominent New Orleans Pontalba family.  Performances will include esoteric dance, family drama vignettes, mystical rituals and other enchanting surprises.

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Transported to a different time

Part of the adventure is being transported to 18th century creole New Orleans when the Spanish were in power.  Participants have the pleasure of being guests of the prestigious and powerful Almonaster family. 


Mystifying performance

Participants will view performances of rituals and daring acts of skill by our distinguished talent.  Guests will have opportunities to engage in rituals to serve as a delightful addition to their playful evening.