Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy tickets and how many tickets can I purchase?

You may purchase tickets here.  Each night is an intimate event for twenty individuals.  If you are interested in purchasing an entire night for you and your friends or more than ten tickets, please contact us.

What is an immersive experience?

An immersive event transports guests to a world that is interactive and engaging.  The excursion allows participants to take a mildly active role in the event while still observing vignettes of the fantastical story.

Who is the chef?

Our chef is locally celebrated Melissa Araujo whose catering company is Louisiana certified farm to table. Melissa’s Sicilian and Honduran roots influence her delicate and refined style of food preparation with years of training and cooking in Italy. Melissa is a former chef at Doris Metropolitan which she helped open along with the opening of Restaurant R’evolution. Melissa is the protege of two James Beard awarded chefs, Susan Spicer and Alon Shaya. Our sommelier is Chelsea Gober who has trained in New York and Europe and honed her skills as an expert in the field of fine wines.

Where is the event?

Guests meet up at a secret and historical location in the French Quarter and must be ready for departure at 7PM prompt!  Guests are then whisked away to a Greek Revival mansion in the famed Lower Garden District neighborhood.  Location details for the meet up location are presented a week prior to the event.

How should I dress?

The dress code is black tie or creatively elegant, dress to impress and have fun with it!  Gentlemen may wear top hats, cravats, suspenders, bow ties, spats, tails or anything that makes him feel debonaire. Women may wear wigs, hats, boas, ball gowns and anything that makes her feel extraordinary.  Accessories are encouraged, but no masks please. There is a bit of movement through the night, select your footwear accordingly.

Is this part of a cult?

Absolutely not.  This event is an immersion into the historical tale of an important, historical New Orleans family and is designed to be enjoyed by all.  Rituals, dances and other performances are presented as fantasy, but also as education to teach guests about the culture of the great city of New Orleans.

Can anyone attend?

Yes, the evening is open to anyone over 21 years of age.  The only other requirement is to come with a sense of fun and adventure!

How long does the evening last?

The adventure begins promptly at 7PM and will take you through the entire evening.  The course of the evening will last approximately four hours, possibly longer.  All guests will be required to call their own hired transportation at the close of the night.

What if I don’t eat meat, will there be food for me?

Our masterful chef will accommodate varying diets (vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc) for our guests.  Creative and delicious non-alcoholic beverages will also be served to those who prefer to skip cocktails and wine.

Is there an open bar?

There will be wine and specially crafted cocktails served with each course in addition to other exotic elixirs through the evening.  Guests will also receive a bubbly beverage as they travel to their fantastical destination.

Will there be security?

Yes, there will be security at the location of the event for the duration and until every guest has departed at the end of the night.  The event takes place at a lovely and secure private residence.  All performances, vignettes and rituals take place inside the property of the home.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final and there are no refunds.  You may gift your evening of adventure to a friend by contacting Reynard by text at 347-405-0411 with the updated ticket holder name.

What happens if I am late and miss the ride?

Accepting this adventure is like booking a ticket to a new and exotic place.  If you are late to the place of departure, you must forfeit your ticket to this journey.  There will be no refunds to those who arrive late.

Why must I give up my cell phone?

The sacredness of this event is to be shared only by the  select few who have chosen to participate.  Therefore, documentation of the event is not allowed.  It is a special event to be savored by those who participate.  There will be opportunities in the journey to the chateau to swap snaps before giving over your cell phones.

Will this event be happening again?

Our culture makers are hosting these four exclusive evenings this Fall for your pleasure. For murmurings of upcoming journeys into other historical and interactive adventures, click here to contact us.